Pompei and Vesuvius

Duration: 9am – 5pm approx

According to ancient tradition, Pompeii was founded by the Osci in the 8th century BC. Following the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D., Pompeii remained buried for hundreds of years. The ruins are one of the most visited site in the world and the excavations, begun in the 18th century, are still being carried out today.
Pick up from your accommodation and transfer to Pompeii, a 60 minutes journey will take you to Pompeii where you’ll discover the ruins buried by the eruption with our official archaeological guide. The visit takes about 2 hours.

After lunch the journey of about 30 minutes continues to Mount Vesuvius, travelling with the “Busvia Del Vesuvio” up to 1000 meters a tour of Mount Vesuvius is an impressive experience. Tormented landscapes of savage beauty await the visitor: the panorama from the top of the mountain extends from the Sorrentine Peninsula to Capo Posillipo, giving rise to unforgettable memories.

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